Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

My husband and I watched an educational special the other day on cathedral construction in the Middle Ages.The special's narrator commented that the craftsmen in those days built such elaborate structures in order to help people rise above the mire and muck of everyday life; to turn their perspective heavenward. 

I thought about attempting one of those photo "365" projects this year. Then I realized that with my shaky discipline--and little boys--and life being what it is-- it likely would be a "project 270" or a project "3 every 5 days." 

I'm already down to a project 358. 

Ah heck, I've never been much for New Year's Resolutions, anyway. 

Regardless, I'm still carrying a camera into the New Year, in hopes that it will, in its own little way, function as those Medieval cathedrals: to turn my perspective heavenward and magnify the Good. 

I'm looking for little moments that stir my heart to gratitude; little moments right in the midst of everyday life that remind me that THIS is more than the sum of its parts. 

Like pudgy fingers gripping a thick mug of Echinacea tea "for immune support", may gratitude and love support our spiritual health this year.

May negativity, criticism, and worry be shattered to dust, and may all that is true, lovely, and beautiful be built up in our homes, in ourselves: one brick at a time.

Arise, O my lazy soul! Behold the wonder of the day! 

Drink the goodness of 2014 down to the last drop!

Happy New Year! 

... and 8 days late. Here's to a year of losing perfectionism...

As my grandmother always said, "I'll drink to that!"

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  1. I'll drink to a year of losing perfectionism! Happy New Year!